Mike Butterworth

I started in the construction business pushing a broom at the age of 14.  I learned and worked my way from there to lead carpenter and project manager before starting MBG Renovation.  The first “real” task I was given in those early days I botched so miserably it was embarrassing.  My boss, mentor, and uncle Bobby looked at me, shook his head and said “take it down and do it again the right way.”  That lesson stuck with me to this day and I strive to “get it right” the first time, and should a problem does arise I always insure that it is fixed immediately and that the customer is always happy and satisfied.  My father is a 35+ year veteran of the construction industry and is a obligated consultant to his son, to lend an idea or solution to a tricky problem.  I am a husband and father to four great (most the time) kids and have been a singer and guitar player in the same rock and roll band for over two decades called The Nadas.